Welcome to the future you…

At FutureBanker we understand the power of learning and the new destiny that this can create.

At FutureBanker we are committed to creating this new path. With you.

We know that to build a future of possibility requires inspiration, faith, hope and courage.

That it demands kindness, compassion – and conscience.

That it involves walking a new path towards a future that is still being imagined.

We’re reimagining a positive space of disruption, strategic thinking, sensitivity and compassion that seeds and grows our next generation bankers, investors, asset managers, brokers, insurers and financial custodians.

These individuals will lead us towards a better future.

They will challenge and change our views and beliefs about wealth creation, management and ownership.

They will be clear on the responsibilities wealth brings: to serve; to sustain; to include and to build. To leave families and communities better off.

To create a legacy we can one day be proud of.

Apply for a bursary today!
Need a hand-up to start your fintech career?
Apply for a FutureBanker bursary today.

Our recently launched bursary programme has been designed to help five deserving students to kick-start their learner journeys with us.

To qualify for a bursary, you will need to have:

  • passed matric and not have studied formally since then

  • achieved a minimum of 60% in English and maths/ maths literacy

We will also need you to share why you need financial assistance, and most importantly why you believe you should be selected.

Applications close on 30 September 2021.


Is this the future that belongs to you?

We’re looking for these next generation individuals. Catalysts. Leaders.

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