Introducing FutureBanker / Future Wealth Creator

FutureBanker / Future Wealth Creator is a proudly South African developed world-first…

Our vision is to build and grow the next generation of financial services employees and entrepreneurs – to be responsible; accountable; honest; and to act with integrity. To care and see money (no matter the currency) as a means of doing good; bringing positive change and acting in a way that serves and protects our people and our planet.


Our programmes expose you to this new opportunity space – and prepare you for it. While our training is done in line with regulatory requirements, it goes far beyond these. We equip you with the EQ (emotional intelligence), CQ (creative intelligence) and technology skills you need to grow your future life and career in this sector. 


Our training methodology equips you to think; discern and deeply consider issues, challenges and opportunities before choosing to act. We believe these are key power skills of the future.


Leadership and self-leadership are non-negotiable parts of the courses. We want you to be a self-starter and critical thinker. An individual who takes the initiative and acts courageously and decisively – no matter the personal cost.


Ongoing innovation and updated content and teaching techniques keep our work relevant.  Our training solutions complement and deepen training that you may already have completed. There is also a very specific tech element to the training. We help you become digitally savvy and competent.

Our solutions have been designed for financial institutions and prospective employees. They speak to the key challenge that Covid-19 has illuminated in our space:

What will Future Bankers / Future Wealth Advisors “do”? What problems will they be solving for: how and why? What will they need to fulfil their purpose?

Solutions at a glance

All Future Banker / Wealth Creator solutions have been developed to be delivered both in-person and online.


While our current Covid-19 reality means that all implementation is online, we’re committed to active “connection” with you.


Our team works with you to support, encourage and enable you every step of the way. We’re available. We’re engaged. We’re present. We’re your biggest fans and supporters as you embark on this new and exciting journey to your future.


Our Programmes

Concrete Facade

Who we are

FutureBanker / Wealth Creator has been conceptualised, designed and developed by the Facilitation Workshop.

Started in 2000 by entrepreneur Dr Susheila Moodley, the Facilitation Workshop is a SAQA-aligned and SETA accredited training provider. Our purpose – from the very outset – has been to make financial services education and training accessible, relevant and the start of a successful, rewarding, fulfilling career in the industry.


Innovation is a critical component of all we do. This means we focus on ongoing content development, as well as evolving our training methodology – balancing both learner and sector needs; face-to-face and blended learning.


Our experience is significant. Since we first opened our doors over two decades ago, we have helped over 4 500 learners to realise their dream of career and learning progress. Many have gone on to walk their further education journey with us, with our FutureBanker / Future Wealth Creator solutions, the next step is completing their bachelor’s degree.


Ultimately, our solution begins where existing training offerings end…


We’re privileged to have partnered with a number of companies and organisations to rollout training programmes throughout this time. This has included managing large-scale learning projects. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the training and compliance requirements of various sectors has seen us contribute to the financial services; media and broadcasting; and education and training industries, with clients including:


We’re proudly supported by Edge Growth and Inseta.


We believe we’re only just getting started!

Guided by the vision, passion and purpose of our founder, the Facilitation Workshop is stepping into a new – and vital – contribution space with the launch of FutureBanker / Future Wealth Creator.

We need to build a new future for the financial services sector beyond Covid-19; reimagining the space to be inclusive and transformative. The sector needs to respond to both economic and socio-economic needs, with people and legacy at the heart of all we do.


As a 100% black woman-owned business, we’re equally passionate about the lives and futures of women and youth. Our focus on access to our training; sensitivity to personal circumstances; and active facilitator, trainer and coach involvement throughout the learning process  is paving the way for ladies and young people to step into positive new futures where they will be able to give back and make a contribution.


About Dr Susheila Moodley


Dr Susheila Moodley has always been driven by her passion for education and training.


Naturally curious and creative, she has a BA (Education) from the University of the Witwatersrand, as well as a Masters in Higher Education (cum laude) from the University of the Free State (UFS), and a PhD in higher education studies from UFS.


She is a non-executive board member for the IOB Education Trust.


Susheila’s career has included ownership and / or executive management positions at MultiChoice Africa, Outlearning, IGH and now at the Facilitation Workshop (TFW).


She has won various business awards since launching TFW where she is joined and supported by an equally passionate and committed team.

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