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Money can take you far. FutureBanker will take you further.

Our vision is to build and grow the next generation of financial services employees and entrepreneurs—the future game-changers, professionals and entrepreneurs who push the finance sector, and the world, forward.


As a SAQA-aligned and SETA accredited training provider, central to our vision is instilling in our students a sense of responsibility, accountability, honesty and integrity—to care and see money, regardless of the currency, as a means of doing good and driving positive change for our people and our planet.


Our Solutions at a Glance

Our diplomas, certificates and degrees have been developed for students looking for a rewarding future in finance and for financial institutions looking to upskill their employees. All of our content seeks to answer the questions that ever-accelerating digital technology has illuminated:


What is the role of finance professionals in our digitally empowered world? What problems will they be solving for, how and why? And what will they need to fulfill their purpose?


Whether online or in-person, our team works with you to develop a learning journey shaped for your outcomes. We’re available. We’re engaged. We’re present. As you embark on this new and exciting journey, we’re here to make your tomorrow better, brighter and more rewarding.

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Who We Are

Who is FutureBanker?

Guided by the vision, passion and purpose of our founder Dr Susheila Moodley, our purpose—from the very beginning—has been to make financial services education and training accessible, relevant and responsive to social, economic and technological change.


We need to build a new future for the financial services sector, reimagining the space to be inclusive and transformative.


As a 100% black woman-owned business, we’re equally passionate about the lives and futures of women and youth. Our focus on access to our training, sensitivity to personal circumstances, and active facilitator, trainer and coach involvement throughout the learning process is paving the way for women and young people to step into positive new futures in which they aren’t just financially secure, but are also able to give back.


Partnering with Industry Giants

We’ve partnered with some of Africa’s biggest names in finance to roll out training programmes and large-scale learning projects. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the training and compliance requirements of various sectors ensures that your education is based on practical knowledge tightly integrated with the realities of employer expectations.


We’re proudly supported by Edge Growth and Inseta.

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